Monday, April 30, 2018

almost annual curry ride...

canyon ride with Daisuke Mukasa of Animal Boat in Tokyo and his friends. we do ride together whenever Mukasa-san is here for ARHMA race.


a bit cold but super fun ride.


Sunday, April 29, 2018

just because...

same o' same o' 😺 dry lake with the squad.  just because it's fun, we've been trail riding and practicing flat track in the desert with Kiyo and Kat. there's no particular reason but we feel like we are teens again.

またまたいつもの変の態メンバーでドライレークでコソ練。何にコソコソしているのかも分からないし、特に何の意味もない。ただ楽しいからっていう小学生の時に友達と遊んでいるような感覚で、お弁当持ってせっせと砂漠に通う熟年ピーポー。意味もなく楽しいこと、オトナになるとやらなくなっちゃうのはなぜかしら? やってるけど

Saturday, April 28, 2018

current mood...

came back from Willow Springs Raceway and took a quick canyon ride. watching race makes us want to ride so bad 😜


ARHMA at Willow Springs Raceway...

came to meet and spectate our friends racing. oh, and we like the little swap meet, too. DM of Animal Boat from Tokyo is back.


 honda specialist TM's machine.


 some cool pit bikes.


 Thad Wolff and his GS1000!

Thad Wolff氏。ついにGS1000を完成させたんだ!

this fairing was originally on his racing machine when he was racing AMF professionally back in late 70s-80s.



 Daisuke Mukasa


 Tim Mings

had a rad day!