Tuesday, September 29, 2009

17 heures du mans...

chico moto n & t are heading back to seattle.
a 17-hour drive...like an endurance race.


n always looks beautiful...kawaii!!!
make a move to cali,guys!


 wish had a "wherever door" for them.


Monday, September 28, 2009


at the karlson tea party...

brawny built b's

lossa engineering's

the tank of the day!!

shinya stares rapt at it

karlson tea party

right after dropping our friend k off at the airport, we rushed back to the workshop and loaded the bikes on our van and headed to comune in costa mesa.

setting up for the night

the night

we brought needle

and flash

 special thanks to n from church of choppers,
f from comune, 
a the photographer of roadcourse,
and all other people who were involved with the event.

going back to zipangu

sat. morning. took el camino k to lax by dutsun.

almost there...

he's got just two little suitcases

bye bye k-chan, come back soon!!

night blindness

friday night. we rode up to big boy bob's in burbank.

friday night classic car show

had a great time but exhuasted...it takes only 30 min. from azusa to burbank via freeway but we got lost and took two hours on a public road...shinya(leader) said he had night blindness and couldn't see the street sign at all...hahaha

chico moto

friday. n and t from chico moto got in l.a. from seattle for the weekend.

it has been crazy hot around the area
but n was hotter than anything!!

n's kz and t's pan

they are just so cool!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

notice: falcon's japan tour has been postponed...

mr.falcon n finally finished up his falcon and invited mr.el camino k for a long ride. they left in the morning and came back after dark...by walking :<

they said they walked for over 2hours...from the point where the falcon died to our workshop.


so we went to pick the falcon up


checking and faced the worst scenario...


couldn't say anyting...


decided to tow falcon by jail van


poor falcon


mr.falcon n is going back to japan tomorrow...his last stay is gloomy atmosphere like at a funeral. he has to come back here soon.


don't leave me!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

yeild to the temptation to...

we left harvelle's after midnight and of course we all got the munchies. 

hold it right there, hold it!!
it's after midnight, don't do it!

nope, they don't hold back their hunger...

adding a bowl of soup for 99¢ on 
already too much sandwich combo.
falcon n, you are so brave!



oops, shinya did it again.
everything is just too much...


el camino k is angry.
he's angry because they put too much 
onion rings on his plate!


tuesday night's soul funk ♪♪

went to harvelle's blues club in santa monica last night.

harvelle's is the oldest live music venue 
on the westside. established in 1931!!

 little intimate spot
soul funk night every tuesdays

el camino k and shinya

 el camino k plays trombone 
in the soul band in japan
for 15 years!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

like a whirligig beetle...

while other guys are having fun, shinya has been concentrating on his project.

when shinya is working on something,
he moves really fast.
i could barely capture him.

ha! my hands were shaking on this one...

tail of a tiger

ok, mr.el camino k came back after dark. just then mr.falcon n finished up his falcon. 

so they went out for a night ride.

headed to "donut man" 
to grab shinya's favorite doughnut 
called "tiger tail."

falcon sounds mighty fine!!

 tiger tails!! yummy

Monday, September 21, 2009

chief of an expedition

now mr. el camino k took out my kz200 for a scouting mission in azusa. his curiosity is endless...

he rides pan and shovel in japan
and now rides kz in america!

shinya: can you kick start it? hehehe
k: hey, i know about old bikes, ok?


he hasn't come back here yet...

from azusa to seal beach...journey to a distant land

mr. el camino k(he rides '68 el camino in japan)has arrived and joined mr.falcon n. they borrowed shinya's datsun to go for their first time freeway ride in america!

checking water is absolutely essential...

shinya: just don't bust up my datsun, ok?
k: hey, calm down. i know about old cars!

they both got so nervous cuz 
shinya was staring at them...

nah...not really...

when you see it actually running on the road,
it looks so precarious... haha

they all came back safely a couple hours later. what a relief!

swap meet and flea market two days in a row...

our feet hurt awfully...

  an old kawasaki emblem

shinya loved the honda dream e

bridestone 90 sports!!

couldn't find much at the el camino swap but had a great time meeting many familiar faces there :)

shinya found an old tool and a welding mask 
@ the long beach antique flea market

thank you for the paradise road t-shirts and stickers, s-san!!
we'll give k-chan some t-shirts for you.