Saturday, October 31, 2009

they need to concentrate...


ash's taking a nap 

a great view

putting the engine on to the stand

aw, man! the flip-flop boy...

ash is wide-awake now...

taking back the engine crane to our neighbors.


harmless amusement...

an idea came to shinya

and he made

this, a tab for the engine crane.

to do this.

it's working!

oops, take off the hood first, guys!


are you really sure, n美くん?

guys moving falcon n's falcon...

皆でファルコンを動かし中。 もち、手押し。

 what is nabe doing?
oh, all right, he is an auto pro. i forgot. 
he's going to fix n's falcon while he's here
by mutual agreement, i hope...


huh? i thought nabe was gonna work on falcon.
but i found his shoes...???


what?! we usually wear shoes when we are working
and change into sandal when we are done, nabe!


oh, i see... 


new comer

shinya got another welder...
for free...

with some cool stickers on side.

1960's p & h

mr. wanatabi

nabe & shinya
observing nabe's new tool.

nabe was supposed be arriving yesterday from japan. but he just arrived today. why? because he's the dumbest guy ever! he missed the flight although he was at the airport three hours before the boarding time. who could miss the plane when you were already checked in and were at the gate? ok, he met his old friends at the gate by coincidence. they had plenty of time, went in to a pub, got drunk, and didn't even hear the announcement...all three of them missed the flight. three stooges, here they come!

nabe & shinya start to play with the tool.

goofy-looking nabe
he sells and builds muscle cars in japan

result of the "brake pipe flaring kit"

Friday, October 30, 2009

hand-rolled sushi...


day 3 has started.

super fast movement!

so much for today.
thank you ash!! see you tomorrow...



ash was back.

 the base

he said he was going to try some new things.
i have no idea what any of that means... 

 he uses saddle and soft leather freely.

tiger tail break

back to his work

this is a part of the new things he was trying

let's call it a day...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

day-and-night work...

ah oh, it has already started!

 the saddle leather


it's getting dark outside

 grinding down the foam

that's enough for today
to be continued tomorrow... 

put your ass on it...

back drop a-chan, the leather master, 
arrived with his machines and tools in his ranchero
to make the seat for shinya.
shinya and a-chan 
taking the machines out

careful guys!

the back drop stamp

when it comes to seat designing, 
shinya draws for a-chan.

instead of trying to explain in words 

 they have a strong relationship 
with 17 years of history...

japanese call it the A and UN breathing 
or rhythmic breathing,
a method of mutual understanding.