Wednesday, October 31, 2012

our lives are completely reflected in the small universe created by the environs that are surrounded by mountains and water...

it's still warm and sunny like early summer at the foot of the mountain where we are but now we can feel that fall/winter has arrived here at the canyon. we ran into a band of deers and one of them came hurtling towards us on the road. suddenly she changed her mind and jumped to the other side. that was a close call. phew


21 helmets. still in progress.

21 helmetsのヘルメット、だいぶ進みました。

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

progress in tonality...

 shinya clear coating the helmet. once he starts, he goes non-stop.


** our thoughts and prayers extend to all the victims, friends and family in northeast.

Monday, October 29, 2012

gourmet fruit jerky...

remember this cotton fruit that shinya found in a parking lot of our local world's best fish taco place? it looked more like a mango but now...


after 3 weeks hanging at chabott botanical collection facility,

it looks like this. no creature came out, no bad odor nor mutation.

21 helmets. shinya is now working on the other side.

21 helmetsのヘルメット、いよいよ反対側に突入です。

brain activation...

after we came back from the motocross race, the helmet project for the 21 helmets enslaved shinya...

モトクロス場から戻ると、急に憑りつかれたように 21 helmets用のヘルメットに取り掛かる木村氏。 ~木村氏は突然に~



Sunday, October 28, 2012

curse of T. WATANABE...

when we were about to leave the perris raceway...


fly high in the future...

we haven't seen our friend's son, the little motocross racer Kai riding for a while so we went to see him racing.


he got taller, but has same smile :) now Kai can communicate in english without any problem.


and he used to ride KX65 but now he rides KX85.


 dad hasn't changed much...


 father and son


 go go Kai!!

 amazingly his riding has became very powerful.



 and wow! he won this race :)


 ok, next!


 hey, dad! move! we can't see him off!(j/k)



he's a handsome young fellow filled with hopes and dreams. we hope that he will continue to ride freely and spontaneously and enjoy motocross as much as he can.