Saturday, March 31, 2018

random photos from OG Moto Show...

came back to the OG Moto Show. ❤ this Triumph


shinya's personal preference...


Cab's new road racer built by Denton Moto. and yes, he is going to race it soon. he's full of challenger's spirit and that's why he inspires many people young and old.

Denton Motoがキャバレロ氏に作ったホンダCB160のロードレーサー。キャブはこれでロードにもチャレンジするんだって。サーキット走ったことあるの?って聞いたら、「ないよ、でも誰だって一番最初は初めてから始めるでしょ?」って。いくつになっても新しいことにチャレンジするオトナ、やっぱりカッコイイ。

and guys who love motorbikes so much can spend a whole night here.


 maybe too much 😺

それを隠そうともしないお姿 😺


 headed to after party 💨


what a fun night with likeminded folks. so lucky to have these great friends around.


Friday, March 30, 2018

random photos from OG Moto Show preview night...

 Aermacchi "Il Drago"

 Kat's single knuckle by Kiyo

 Hutchbilt BMW Airhead

 Hazan Motorwork

 Sosa Metalworks


so lucky to be able to see MotoDoffo's vintage collection. these were breathtaking beauties.


 1966 Ducati SC Racer


had a pretty fun night!


support friends and local events...

dropping off the Aermacchi "Il Drago" at the venue of the OG Moto Show in downtown LA around noon.

お昼頃。ダウンタウンLAのOG Moto Showの会場にアエルマッキを搬入にしに来た。

spotted Woolie's flat tracker and his Pike's Peak machine at the venue. these bikes are built based on the clear purposes and it oozes off from them even they were just parking at the warehouse in downtown LA.

local builders are trying to bring excitement to this local moto event organized by our good friends and people from all over the states are joining. that's very cool.



came back to the workshop. took the CB750 and the SR400 and headed to downtown LA again in the evening for the OG Moto Show preview night.