Friday, October 2, 2009

only five years or already five years...

somehow nostalgia runs deep. shinya is constantly and rapidly evolving. the best part of it is that we can actually see the changes through his creations.

masamune is back.
recall? nooooo, just for a tune-up.

not feel right.

very characteristic style.

shinya wants to remake this to get more performance.

by hand, of course.

looks better, too!

and voila!


Justin said...

This is pretty much THE classic Kimura bike for me. The thing pretty much kills me every time I see it.

Nix said...

My Grandpa had a masamune sword - I can't believe it's true but that's what my family tells me. He had to sell it during the war. I can't believe it, there's no price tag for one!

menacing ayu said...

Justin: yeah, it does kill me,too!

Nix: wow!!

Milo said...

Love seeing your old tools in the background! can we have more pics of the machines that create the bikes? cheers!

menacing ayu said...

Milo: thanks for posting. i'll put some pix of the machines later!

Anonymous said...

Belongs in a pedestal in a museum.