Friday, October 8, 2010

parking lot paradise...

#80 story
in albuquerque, new mexico. shinya and niimie was rebuilding their indian engine at hotel parking lot after the crank pin incident in oklahoma.


 niimie's super power!

 oh, the middle finger doesn't mean 
anything in japan...

 invisible shinya

at 4am,done!

there is a video by Lonnie Isam of this
albuquerque boogie at: 

のキャノンボール オフィシャル サイトにこの時の二人の動画があるので


Unknown said...

You guys are awesome! Not only for doing the cannonball, but also for your skills, your art and your outlook. You guys don't brag about yourselves like some others do. I like that. I hope to have a shop like yours one day, love the old stuff!

La Isla del Tesoro said...


Travis Perich said...

If you can't do it outside,
on the ground,
at night,
with a single 60w bulb,
with people watching...

With all that instant shop you guys pulled out,
I can't believe you forgot the little white stool!


menacing ayu said...

customachine: thank you :)

lorenrose: yay!

TP: lol that was a bummer! can't believe that you remembered that little white stool!

Travis Perich said...

Its an important part of working on the ground!

I love mine!