Friday, October 28, 2011

who ate chex mix in my car?

 the dash panel of my duster wasn't working properly, for almost a year, finally shinya found a whole panel for me.


 and of course he installed it by himself. for me.

 after the installation, we went for a test ride. the panel worked perfect but i found those snack debris in between seat and door. must be W! they aren't even chex mix, are they?



GuitarSlinger said...

Looks like some Home Made concoction , not ' Chex Mix ' ( out of the box ) to me

Hmmn . Cheesit Mix perhaps ?


Anonymous said...

Remember Ayu, it is the "Undercover Duster". In the past when your car was used for stake-outs, the detectives would get hungry, waiting, trying to catch the bad guys...

menacing ayu said...

GuitarSlinger: oh! cheesit mix!!

Rockford: ahh...that's right!