Thursday, November 24, 2016

seeing is believing...

the person we want to meet is in Beijing now so we made a quick visit there. it was our first time to visit China and we had no clue where we were heading...just got on the plane and sit there for about 12 hours and arrived at Beijing airport.


at moto garage / cafe "Triple Custom" 

our good friend HW in Beijing, who coordinated this whole trip, took us around the city and introduced us the motorcycle community out there. here was a pretty cool cafe space in the second floor, and a work space on the first floor. what a neat setting! sitting there and sipping a cup of tea made us forget that we were in China.


very polite young fellows. they said they knew about shinya through the internet :) thank you all for your hospitality!


at our friend's shop with the shop manager. they call him Amigo :D


 arts district on the abandoned factory site.


Ace Cafe?! was quite deserted and were no motorcycles at all (maybe it was too cold). 


pretty hip bar called "Mandrill" where lots of motorcyclists hang out.


people rode here to meet shinya even it was sub-zero temperature. 


with tattoo artists who ride. DongDong (second from the left) stop by our workshop in Azusa last month.


 spotted "PowerPlant" sweatshirts! :)


this artists drove 4 hours to get here to show us his painting of shinya. thank you!


two talented moto builders/mechanics. thought they were brothers but they were not.

この二人は兄弟でもないし、若手芸人でもないんだって。 実はオートバイのメカ/ビルダー。

shinya was test riding an e-scooter.


came to visit the young moto builder/mechanic's shop who we met at Mandrill. shinya was interested to see other's hammering station :) every shop had brand new English wheel and every time shiya told them that he doesn't use English wheel at his shop, they go like "what?"


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