Friday, November 25, 2016

true color...

the Forbidden City. we are not big fan of sightseeing but we love historical structures and our Beijing born friend said it worth seeing, so here we are!


chilly but beautiful day. air quality has been great.


we love places where cats can take naps freewheelingly.


 dragons ○  gators x



 frozen moat.


 the Great Wall (in disrepair)

万里の長城 (観光用に整備されていない野長城)



renovated area where we can walk.


we were lucky to walk around with our friend HW's who knows everything about anything. whatever we ask, he has all the answers. we learned a lot about history, legendary episodes and more. so much fun. thank you HW!


can you find shinya?


we could finally meet the person we wanted to meet (our main purpose of the visit) plus we met so many great people who love motorcycle and enjoy life with motorcycle in Beijing, in much more tougher environment than us. we learn a lot of new things here and we were made to think about many things. we keenly reaffirmed the importance of "freedom" and "seeing is better than hearing". very happy to had that opportunity. thanks to our friend HW and people around him for the best hospitality. we had such a great time. now we are heading back.


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